Experience the superior cleaning and fresh feeling of wet cleaning, an eco friendly alternative to dry cleaning.


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Professional Wet Cleaning, an Eco Friendly Alternative to Dry Cleaning.

Profressional Tailoring, Alterations, and Repairs. Need to shorten your pants or dress, we can do it. Need to taper your suit jacket, we can do it. Need another type of alteration, we can probably do it.

Leather, Suede, and Rug Cleaning.

Comforters, Upholstery, and Sheets Cleaning.

Wash, Dry, & Fold by the pound.

FREE Pickup & Delivery

No waiting in line.  No driving to and from the dry cleaners.  Hassle free signup.  Oh, and everyone gets 2 really nice laundry bags.

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Advantages of Wet Cleaning
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Brighter Whites
  • It removes more stains than traditional dry cleaning.
  • You clothes actually feel clean as opposed to just looking clean.
  • No Allergic Reactions
  • No Chemical Smells
  • Non Toxic (all detergents and conditioners are biodegradable).

What is Wet Cleaning?

Did you know that traditional dry cleaning uses a toxic chemical to clean your clothes?  Not only is it toxic, but it's also a possible carcinogen. That's why we specialize in Wet Cleaning. It is environmentally friendly and safer for you and for us.  

Here at Superior Cleaners, we use only Kreussler Textile Care chemicals.  These chemicals have been extensively engineered and tested for over 20 years and are the only wet cleaning chemicals certified environmentally friendly by the U.S. Government.

Wet cleaning uses water, detergents, and additional ingredients to protect the size, feel, and color of your garments.  Cycle times and detergent/ingredient amounts are precisely controlled to safely remove stains without harming the fabric, the size of the fabric, or the dyes.

Once cleaned, our professional pressers will press it like new.  If a button goes missing while cleaning, we will replace it for free.  If a hem comes undone while cleaning, we will fix it for free.  We believe that when you pick up your clothes, they should be ready to wear. 


“I have to say, my clothes never really felt clean until I tried organic dry cleaning.” 

- Christopher W.